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C. D. C.

Birth Date:12 Days before Elvis died...
Birth Place:Landstuhl, Pfalz, Germany (third hut, end of village)
Height:5'7" (171cm)
Weight:175# (85kg)
Education:Louisiana Tech Univ, Bachelor of Arts, Lighting Design
Profession:Lighting Designer
Fav Book:Jonathon Livingston Seagull, and Harry Potter (of course!)
Fav Movies: Threesome (AND) Trick (AND) The Beach

When I was younger, I attended LSMSA this really cool school in Natchitoches, Louisiana, (home to the Dolly Parton Movie _Steel Magnolias_ and The Annual Natchitoches Christmas Lights Festival). At LSMSA, I fell in love with Theatre (among other things) and hence my joy for lighting design began after I took over what my good friend David Furr taught me to do.

I graduated from LaTech Univ in May of 1999 where I majored in theatre, and then traveled to Germany for the summer to visit family, explore theatre, visit friends, and PARTY MY ASS OFF!!!
And I did... I was such a gooooood boi. NOT!

Then I traveled to Sanibel Island in Southern Florida. I did the lights for the Pirate Playhouse there for 6 months, and then I discovered CLUB MED , which took me to Sonora Bay in Mexico. I did the lights there at that resort and partied with the guests for 8 months during the year 2000. Then the Club sent me to Saint Lucia in the Caribbean where I had a ball. I finished in the April and came back to Louisiana, where I partied my ass off in New Orleans with my wonderful friends. I noticed I really enjoy that city.

After a nice vacation in the States, I had a kick-ass summer in Germany visiting the family and goofing off. I got a job as a sound operator for the Batman Thrills Show at Warner Brothers Movie World in Bottrop, Germany where I was living with my really good friends, Gabi and Sherif, and these five freaky parrots. I traveled to Amsterdam, and then went to the Love Parade in Berlin on the 21st of July (that was one wacky party!). I met some kewl people and partied alot.

And well, then the summer ended, and I worked for this german vacation company, Club Aldiana. They sent me to Turky for an awesome week of bliss. Then to the Canary Islands to work for a month or so... Though, I ended up meeting too many kewl people, and getting drunk off my ass every night and ending up on the beach with a bunch of teenagers EVERY morning, and blowing all the money I earned on my bar tab. Then I worked for this Light/Sound/Video Company in Southern Germany, Munich for 8 Months. It was cool. I finally saw Snow. And hated it. I worked like 20 hour days and never got to enjoy any of one the most beautiful cities in Europe ---but I am not bitter about that.

Summer 2002, my buddy Timo and I had tralloped through the good Ol United States getting to see more of the country than I had ever seen. Two of our friends, Burkhard and Martin, and us took a 3 week car trip from Louisiana to Miami to Los Angeles and back again with stops at the Grand Canyon, Disney World and Death Valley. We put over 10,000 miles on that poor car, and we had a blast. Timo and I then toured New York City playing around for our last 4 weeks of Summer Vacation dashing off to D.C. and Chicago here and there.

Then September 2002, I returned to Germany. I went back to work for the same Light/Sound/Video company in Munich. Been here now for over two years working for them. We will see how farther that goes. Actually been here a damn long time.... And even though I like the city of Munich alot.. I just don't feel at home here... What next? Denmark? South Africa? New York? Here? A bus? Estonia? YOU?