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    Gallery: Saint Lucia

Pictures from Club Med Saint Lucia in the Caribbean, 2001

Me, this cool german kid, Bastian, and his dad, on my last diving trip in the Caribbean.

I can't breath!
Me, Melida, and MoMo chilling after a dive.

Me on the Club Med's huge-ass resort cruise ship, the Club Med 2.

uhm.. another line...?
Me and Keith at my farewell party. Thank gawd, I took pictures, cause I don't remember a thing.

Tastes like.. chicken!
I always like tasting the local cuisine when I travel...

Opps, I did it again...
After Sherif, and Fabian left, we were down to us three, Melida, MoMo, and Me...

why won't the room stop spinning?
Another drunken night at Club Med.

yes, sir, Luca!
Me in my little G.O. outfit. How sweet --- name tag and all.

No why can't I buy that?
Me and my roomate, Tibo, tanning on the Club Med 2. What a life.

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