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    Gallery: Mexico

Pictures from Club Med Sonora Bay in Mexico, 2000

On the left is my ex-roomate Keith, my partner in the never-ending Gong-Show...

Damn set!!!
Keith and Me, in his f**king huge Michael Jackson Set. People died putting that 30 foot set up...

What's Up Doc?
Don't even ask me how they got me to be the Easter Bunny....

Is that a damn coke on the mixer???
This was my boss ---the guy I liked AND hated the most!

You smell something...
Okay, I know this is alot of drag I am doing... But I am getting paid!!!

Opps, I did it again...
Keith and I am came up with this idea drinking cheap wine in the afternoon.

oh, oh, ohhhhh
This is a real mexican bar.

Seb, Keith and Me driving right along. Just another night in drag.

Where is my shirt?
Just another drunken night in Club Med.

When do we do the kissing scene???
Okay, I know normally I am supposed to be with a girl, but this is all we could find.

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