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    Gallery: Cologne, Dec 2002

International Evening of Austrians...

Isn't Austria an Island south of Japan?!!!
Juergen and Christian, the two goofiest boys you will ever meet.
Saturday night, Kristin and Me wanted to go out, but we were lazy and sat in the Lounge
of the Backpackers Youth Hostel, and then all these kewl people started showing up.
First we had these 2 boys who spoke really good english (hi-hi) and their two friends from Austria.

Kara, a student from Chicago,
and Sandro part of the Austrian Gang...
(Notice the clock on the wall: It is 12:00 in Russia, and Russians are eating.)

Uhm.. do you wanna sleep with me?
Markus, the 4th member of the Austrian Gang,
flirting with Kara (Schneck-Schleck).

well do YOU wanna sleep with me then?
Markus trying to hit on Kristin.

The "Aberglaubiger" Christian with his KEWL Haircut (which Markus styled)
, and this really sweet girl from Australia.

schneck, schleck
This Belgian guy (way in the back), and Markus,
still trying to flirt with Kara,
after finding out Kristin had a boyfriend.

Carpet Munching?
Kara and Kristin, the lonely American Girls,
seeking protection from all the Austrian Hunters.

way cool dude
Markus #2, from Texas and Sandro yet again.
(Notice that it is still 12:00 in Moscow,
even two hours have passed here in Germany???)

Schneck, Schleck???
Me chilling with Jürgen and Christian
--- the start to a very good friendship...

Uhm, where is your hand?
International Orgy!

stick your hand further there please!
Intertional Orgy, Part II.

schneck, schleck
Markus und Kara getting it on...

So we FINALLY leave the Lounge, and head to this Irish Pub
to meet the rest of the Etschberger Gang.
Looks like someone is having alot of fun.

Lordy... she is trying the Absinth. Need I say more?

...and this is your friend on Absinth!

schneck, schleck
Uhm... well.. don't they look mighty damn close...

Party Animals, Christian and Sandro...

how drunk is this girl?
An Austrian Sandwich with American Cheese...

Schneck, Schleck, SCHNECK, SCHLECK
NEWEST ART FORM: Cinammon Body Art
(and only 4292 grams of Cinammon were used to do this one piece.)

As a "Going-Away" Gesture of Goodwill,
the Austrians presented this heroic Statue of Legolas to me.

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